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Join Westonia at Starr Craft Brewery This Saturday

Several months ago, in our We're in a Porter! post, we told you about our collaboration with Richmond's own Starr Craft brewery. Well, this Saturday, July 18 starting at 10:00 a.m., the Starr Craft family is hosting a community event to commemorate its first full year in business, and you better believe we're gonna help them celebrate!

Local friends, come on out and visit us at the brewery. We'll have a little coffee booth set up where you can try a complimentary cup of one of our signature roasts.

Come and visit Richmond's local shops and restaurants, check out local vendors - even a food truck - at this free event. Starr Craft is planning games, too, from corn-hole to fowling (we're still a little unclear on what fowling actually is, but we're betting it'll be fun) to beer pong in the evening.

We can't say enough about the Starr Craft family, from their delicious brew (they just launched a wine selection, too!) to their friendly atmosphere to their smiling faces, it's been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with them on our respective journeys.

So come on out and celebrate with us!

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