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Westonia 2023 update

Greetings coffee fans. We are happy to announce three new coffees to the Westonia label!


This medium roast comes to us from the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. Hints of dark chocolate with a mild, nutty finish and low acidity make for a smooth, delicious cup no matter what brewing method you choose.

Starry Night

If you’re a fan of dark-roasted coffee this one’s for you. Starting with triple-picked organic beans from the island of Sumatra, we roast to near-combustion for an intensely dark roast, often referred to as an “Italian roast”, without the bitterness typically found in dark-roasted coffee. Well-suited to any brewing method, including espresso makers.

Decent Decaf Let’s face it…not many people are drinking decaf because they want to. Most decaffeinated coffee is terrible. For those who do have to drink it, we’ve sourced the best specialty-grade decaf we could find. We refuse to sell traditional chemically decaffeinated coffee. Sourced from Mexico, Decent Decaf is decaffeinated using a natural mountain-water process. Our medium-roast decaf makes for a surprisingly good cup. It also blends very well with any of our other specialty coffees for a reduced caffeine brew.


You will now find our best-selling Tolima as well as our new Starry Night dark in K-Cups®. With advance notice we can now package any of our coffees in K-Cups® so if you don’t see the one you want just reach out.

Now for the bad news... We held out as long as we could, but we finally had to raise our prices. We made this difficult but unavoidable decision with tremendous care and, as a result, you’ll see another dollar or two added to each of our offerings. The prices may have changed, but our commitment to stellar quality has not.

As always, we’ll forge ahead on our mission to source and meticulously roast the highest-quality Arabica beans from around the globe. From the richest soil to the best farms to the great people who help us along the way, we’ll continue to deliver our specialty-coffee excellence to your every cup.

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