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We're in a Porter!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Lot's happening around Westonia! We've increased our offerings to include four unique roasts - a brew for every preference, we hope.

The most exciting news around here, though, is that we've partnered with Richmond's own Starr Craft Brewery, and the result is their beautifully crafted and delicious Ambition porter. Combine Westonia Coffee's Nariño roast combined with Starr Craft Brewery's expertise, and this is what you get:

Check out their Facebook page to find out when this fantastic porter is on tap, and stop in to give it a try!

We've got lots more fun stuff in the works, and a few more creative collaborations (keep an eye out for our coffee in homemade soap form). So stay tuned here, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for Westonia news.

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