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Our Coffee Break is Over

Like so many of you, we spent the past couple of weeks adjusting to this new environment. From social distancing to getting the kids settled into their new routines to processing the rapid-fire press conferences to hunting for the elusive package of TP, our focus completely shifted...all while praying for the ill and our brave front-line warriors and first responders. With all this going on, we just weren’t sure how Westonia Coffee Company fit into this strange landscape. Does coffee even matter right now? But that’s the wrong question. And here’s the right one: How can our little family-owned coffee company best serve you when it seems like the world’s turned upside down? Well, we have a few ideas, and we hope you’ll follow along with us during this unprecedented time. Above all, we hope this message finds you safe and healthy. If we can help you in any way, from coffee questions to how to homeschool while keeping your sanity intact (we’re former homeschoolers, btw), don’t hesitate to ask at We’re here for you.

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