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Join us on Instagram to play Where's Westonia for a chance to win a bag of Westonia Coffee

We're taking this stay-at-home thing seriously, so the only time we leave home is to head out to one of our beautiful local parks (which is, thankfully, one of the few exceptions to Michigan's stay-at-home order) to soak up the sunshine while rarely encountering another human.

So we thought, why not combine our love of coffee and love of nature into a weekly giveaway?

Wanna play? Here's how. Basically, we hike through a park and gather pictures of clues. To enter, you check out the pictures and guess where we are (all guesses count, even wrong ones) and tag a friend who you think would like to play (optional). Once per week we'll randomly select a winner to receive a free bag of your choice of Westonia coffee!

We're thinking we'll have a theme each week. For example, next week we might have you tag your favorite health care professional and give them a chance to win :)

So come on over and follow us on Instagram to get started!

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